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Interacting With LilyPond Internals

The third challenge is the more advanced interaction with LilyPond's internals that is possible through Scheme. LilyPond can reveal information about every object's most secret properties, and the user can interact very closely with these internals. This is the part where the average LilyPond user tends to give up and will even be more confused than informed by the helping hands given by more knowledgeable people on the mailing lists. But on the other hand this is where the true power of extending LilyPond can finally be unleashed. And: this becomes much more accessible once the user has a firm understanding of the fundamentals of Scheme and its integration in LilyPond documents.

The third part of this book will introduce selected topics from this field, but is less targeted at being a comprehensive guide.

Last update: November 3, 2022